1. State Health Society – National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP) U.T. Chandigarh, GMSH sector 16 Chandigarh
  2. I. State Health Society – NLEP was established in August 1996 in Chandigarh.
  3. The primary function of the SHS-NLEP is to provide treatment to the persons who are affected with leprosy and spread the awareness among general public through its IEC Activities regarding:-
  4. Signs and symptoms of the disease.
  5. 100% curability of the disease.
  6. Availability of free MDT o Awareness for early detection and treatment and prevention of disability.
  7. SHS – NLEP U.T. Chandigarh has 4 reporting centers for free treatment of leprosy patients in Chandigarh.
  8. These centers include GMSH – 16, PGIMER, GMCH 32, Civil Hospital Mani Majra, Civil Hospital – Sector 22 & Civil Hospital Sector 45. The head office being Skin OPD, GMSH – 16, Chandigarh from where the compiled and cumulative reports from all the 6 centers are sent to Director General – Leprosy, Central Leprosy Division, Ministry of Health, Govt. of India with a copy to NHM, U.T. Chandigarh
  9. II. NAME and ADDRESS of CENTEr where facilities being provided to the public
S. No. Name and Address of the Unit Type of facilities provided to Public

National Leprosy Eradication Programme

Skin OPD, Govt. Multi Specialty Hospital, Sector – 16, Chandigarh

DPMR Services  

Physical Rehabilitation to Person Affected with Leprosy (PAL):- i) MCR footwear

ii) Dressing Material

iii) Calipers & splints

iv) Spectacles

v) Physiotherapy.

vi) Free Supportive Medicine

VII) Re Constructive Surgery (RCS) – Free of cost from RCS center DFIT , New Delhi

Contact details of Programme Officer/Officer -Incharge

Name : Dr. Manjeet Pal

Address : National Leprosy Eradication Programme Room No. 521 and 523, Skin OPD, Govt. Multi Speciality Hospital, Sector – 16, Chandigarh

Phone : (O)0172-2783258

e-mail :

IV. Achievements of national leprosy eradication program

  • Distribution of Free Multi Drug Therapy - We have 6 leprosy clinics – GMSH -16, Civil Hospital – Manimajra, Civil Hospital – Sector 22, Civil Hospital – Sector 45 ,PGIMER and GMCH – 32
  • F.Y. 2020-21

  • Total new Cases - 47(only 5 patients from Chandigarh rest are from other states)
  • Total Grade 2 Disability cases  -5 (All are from other State)
  • Annual New Case Detection Rate (ANCDR)  – 3.86/100000
  • Prevalence  Rate (PR) – 0 .44/10000
  • Treatment completion Rate = 99 %
  • Post Exposure Chemoprophylaxis (PEP)  Single dose of Rifampicin was given to all the 59 contacts of Leprosy patients . 100% coverage in Chandigarh
  • Supportive Medicine- Supportive Medicines including Thalidomide, Wysolone, Clofazimine, Coconut Oil and  self care kits are being provided to the Leprosy Patients. During this period 25 Self care kits were distributed.
  • MCR Footwear and Aids Appliances - 
    • MCR Footwear :Leprosy patients with loss of sensation in feet are being  given MCR footwear. 23 MCR Footwear were given to  Leprosy Patients.
    • Finger loops were given to 3 patients  with claw hand and Foot Splints are also being  given to patients with foot drop.
  • Contact Survey:  67 Contacts of the leprosy patients were examined.
  • RCS – Reconstructive Surgery of Leprosy Patient . Reconstructive surgeries of patients with deformities are done. After RCS  Rs. 12000/- is given to leprosy patient.
  • Sparsh Leprosy Awareness Campaign Anti Leprosy Day (Martyrdom day of Mahatma Gandhi ji ) was celebrated on 30th January in whole Chandigarh. The following activities were carried out during SLAC – 2020 fortnight campaign.
  • Message by Director Health Services, Chandigarh: It was read in all Govt.  dispensaries and Health and Wellness Centers.
  • IEC activities :
    • Distribution of Handbills
    • Radio Jingle
    • Audio Announcement at Traffic Lights
    • Doordarshan talk given by SLO on Chandigarh Doordarshan Channel
    • Installation of Banner.
  • Training under SHS-NLEP, U.T, Chandigarh
    • Training given to Medical Officers of  RKSK/RBSK under collaboration of NLEP with RKSK/RBSK
    • Training given to 14  Medical Officers of concerned area of ACD&RS (Active Case Detection and Regular Surveillance)
    • Training given to  35 Supervisor(ANMs/LHVs), 284, Front Line Workers (FLW’s) of the concerned areas.
  • In COVID Panademic
  • All the registered patients were being followed up through telephonically and who required physical examination were called to OPD through appointment. 80 patients were seeing physically after appointment.
  • Information regarding migrant Leprosy Patients was sent to concerned SLO’s and CLD.

V.  Information Education Communication Activities under the program(Click here to download)

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